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Everything You Should Know About LJM Mens Bomber Jackets

LJM’s bomber leather jackets hold a special place in the hearts of fashion enthusiasts. It’s a trending style that you’ll see a lot of celebrities wearing for their movie launch sessions. Hence, these amazing bomber leather jackets crafted from the real leather are a perfect fit for your daily wear outfits. 

But the history behind bomber leather jackets is entirely different. These leather jackets were used widely during ‌World War I days, when ‌plane cockpits offered no protection from the elements, and the flight jackets became a survival kit for the aircraft.

These flight jackets were later termed as “Leather Bomber Jackets” loved by every individual who is fond of real leathers.

Men’s bomber leather jackets transition from functional military gears to everyday civilian outwear pieces available in dark, and neutral shades. From black bomber leather jackets to brown bomber leather jackets – LJM sells the complete range in trending styles.

Hence, whether you are looking for a classic flight bomber jacket that was once worn by the military people, or some trending styles – you’ll find it all on our website. 

Characteristics of Leather Bomber Jackets for Men

Just like any other leather jacket, there are certain things that make the best bomber leather jackets. Hence, we’re going to explore the core characteristics of ‌leather bomber jackets for men:

Ribbed Collar of the Leather Bomber Jacket

The first characteristic for the leather bomber jacket is the ribbed collar. It is made of rib-knit fabric, ‌ ribbon cotton, spandex, and other necessary fiber blends. Hence, the ribbed collar always adds a layer of style to the bomber leather jackets; a comfortable fit for the users.

Ribbed Cuffs of the Men’s Bomber Leather Jacket

Bomber leather jackets consist of ribbed cuffs at the wrist that give the jackets a style. These cuffs are made from rib-knit fabric, and help to keep the sleeves in place, and offer a snug fit to the customers, preventing them from cold entering into the body.

Inner Pockets of the Bomber Leather Jackets

Most of the leather bomber jackets come with inner pockets that give the customers ‌comfort for keeping ‌their personnel in the storage. 

From Dark to Neutral Shades – Explore Leather Bomber Jackets For Men

Black Men’s Bomber Leather Jacket

Black is an ever-green color, and is loved by everyone. A black bomber leather jacket is a versatile color and stays in the hearts of the people. If there are a lot of colors on the shelf, you’ll always choose a black color bomber leather jacket. Hence, a black bomber jacket is a necessary staple for you.

Brown Men’s Bomber Leather Jacket

Just like a black bomber jacket that offers a versatile look, a brown leather bomber jacket offers a rugged look. It offers a sense of timeless style, and fashion. Hence, these jackets are a worthwhile addition to your wardrobe, and you can style these with ripped jeans, and sunglasses.

Red Men’s Bomber Leather Jacket

If you are going to a party, and want to make a bold entry then, the red men bomber leather jacket is a perfect fit for you. Wear these red bomber leather jackets with boots, and make yourself stand out from the crowd. 

You can be the showstopper, and center of attention by styling the leather bomber jackets rightly!

Best Range of Hooded Men Bomber Leather Jackets

When a leather bomber jacket is combined with a hood, it becomes a classic addition with style. LJM offers leather bomber jackets with built-in hood; to give the customers an extra layer of protection from cold weather. Leather bomber jackets are created from real leather, providing style and comfort to the customers.


What are the different types of leather bomber jackets?

Ma-1 bomber to American staple men’s varsity jackets to a lot more types in hooded leather bomber jackets. 

Can I find a leather bomber jacket in different colors?

Yes, LJM sells leather bomber jackets in different colors like, black bomber leather jacket, brown bomber leather jacket, red leather bomber jacket, green leather bomber jacket etc.

Are bomber leather jackets suitable for all seasons?

Leather bomber jackets are a perfect fit to be worn in different seasons like, summers and winters. For warmer seasons, you can use leather jackets created from nylon or cotton whereas, for winters try to wear jackets insulated with different fabrics to give the customers protection from the cold.

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