Elevate Your Style: Men’s Leather Jackets Collection

Real leather jackets have been a timeless outerwear for men in the United States. Leather jacket mens not only sell the trending styles, but make sure that they’re covering all the varieties; from classic to fashion-forward, making these leather jackets a must-have for all the men. But sometimes it’s a daunting task for a man to choose the best leather jackets for themselves. No worries, we’re here to help you out.

From leather blazers to leather biker jackets, leather bomber jackets, black leather jackets, and brown leather jackets – we sell all types of jackets made ‌from the real leather.


Different Styles Of Men’s Leather Jackets

1.     Leather Bomber Jacket

We are selling the best range of leather bomber jacket; a jacket that is made up of leather with ribbed trims, folded collars, resembling those worn by the World War 2 bomber crews. All of our bomber jackets are created from real leather, like lambskin or goatskin. When aircraft cockpits offered no protection from the elements, the flight jackets became a vital survival which was later referred as leather bomber jackets.

2.     Leather Biker Jacket

We sell motorcycle or biker leather jackets for men. A biker leather jacket is ideal for bikers who love to go on road trips all night. These jackets are available in muted colors. So, what are you waiting for? Buy classic biker jackets from our website, and give your entire look a fresh upgrade.

3.     Leather Suede Jacket

Suede is a type of processed leather with a velvety touch. LJM sells leather suede jackets for men, which they can wear in both summers and winters. The unique texture of leather adds depth, and visual attractiveness to the leather jackets.

4.     Crested Leather Jackets

We sell crested leather jackets for men; a classic fashion statement; embodying timeless style, and rugged charm. It’s made from soft, flexible leather, boasting a sleek shape plus eye-catching crest accent. You can style these crested leather jackets with jeans for a party. These jackets enhance your entire look, as it’s a perfect blend of vintage appeal, and contemporary edge.

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5.     Celebrity Leather Jackets

We sell celebrity leather jackets that are iconic fashion pieces inspired by leading Hollywood actors and actresses. From Margot Robbie sparkling pink leather jacket to James Dean classic look in “Rebel Without a Cause” to Micheal Jackson’s signature red leather jackets – these jackets have become synonymous with celebrity fashion. Each celebrity jackets by LJM represents a style of the celebrity who wears it.

Different Types of Men Leather Jackets

1.     Goatskin Leather

We sell goatskin leather jackets for men that are a perfect outerwear made up from the real skin of goats. This type of leather is known for its durability and fresher look. Goatskin leather jackets are highly flexible. It’s much lighter than cowskin leather jackets, and can be styled in summers too. It has a tight, grainy texture, marked by the ridges that run across the surface.

2.     Lambskin Leather

Our lambskin leather men’s jackets are known for their softness and lightweight texture. It comes with a finer grain, and a delicate touch. ‌A lambskin leather jacket has optimal stretch, providing a sleek, and softer feel.

Different Colors of Real Leather Jackets Men

1.     Leather Black Jackets

It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t live black color. LJM sells the best range of leather black jackets available in different types and styles. All of the black leather jackets are created from genuine leather, giving a finished look to the users.

2.     Brown Leather Jackets

Our brown men’s leather jackets offer a classic charm. With shades ranging from rich chocolate brown to deep brown, tan brown, ‌etc. – LJM sells all shades of brown leather jackets for men. Whether you purchase a distressed brown leather jacket to wear at a corporate event, or a shiny brown leather jacket for a party – it will compliment your entire outfit.


How can you style a men’s leather jacket?

You can style a leather jacket in different ways like;

  1. T-shirts or shirts: this is a classic and easy way to style a leather men’s jacket.
  2. A hoodie
  3. A sneaker
  4. Chinos or button-up – you can style a men’s leather jacket by wearing it with a Chinos, or a button-up shirt.

What is the best thickness for a leather jacket?

A real leather jacket’s thickness depends on personal preferences and the climate you’ve planned to wear it in. For cold seasons, a thicker leather jacket for men with insulation or an inner lining is preferred, whereas, for summers, a sheepskin leather jacket that is lighter, and comes with a soft texture is preferred.

Do real leather jackets peel off?

Genuine leather jackets should not peel however, if it peeled off in 2-3 months of use then it’s of low quality or faux leather jacket. That’s why LJM never sells faux leather jackets; instead, we sell full-grain leather jackets in different styles and types.

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